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Testing x62

I’ve been trying to get embedded GeoGebra graphs to work. I don’t know if I actually tried 62 different things but it felt like it. And it almost works…

I got it to work on blogger.  But I don’t really like blogger so I haven’t given up on wordpress.  There is one more thing to try: use the internet at school which isn’t as slow as mine…

So next week will continue with test #63.

(I wanted to explain in case anyone has noticed my content-less posts.)

Welcome to Wild Math

My name is Damon Hedman. I teach High School math (mostly Algebra II) at International Polytechnic High School, also know as I-Poly.

Welcome to Wild Math. I plan on discussing why math is important and how it should be taught. This will include discussion of “Wild Math Problems.” These are real life problems or situations where you can apply math.