About Me

Although this page is Under Construction, here are some essentials:

My name is Damon Hedman.  I teach math to Juniors at International Polytechnic High School (I-Poly) on the campus of Cal-Poly Pomona.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University and, briefly, at UC-Irvine, where I was paid to burn things.  During my schooling I spent my summers at LLNL playing with lasers.

I completed my teaching credential at Concordia University and did my student teaching at Tustin High School.

I taught 4 years at the Phoenix House in Santa Ana CA and have now taught 9 years at I-Poly.

Tutoring Policies

for more info email me at damon.hedman@gmail.com

Online Tutoring

I use Google+ hangouts and/or Skype video calls.

Student needs to have an account with one of these services.

My rate is $40 an hour.*

In Person Tutoring

If you live in the Brea, Fullerton, Yorba Linda OR in the Diamond Bar, Walnut, Pomona area I can tutor you in person.

We can meet in my classroom at I-Poly or in a public place such as Panera Bread.

My Rate is $40 an hour.*

*Ask how to get online tutoring for free or in person tutoring at a discount!


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