Blogger Initiation Week 2: Working with Scribd

One of our assignments is to upload a document to Scribd and embed it on our blog.  So here we go…

One year I had each class (they are grouped into Houses) create their own review sheets for quizzes, tests, etc.  I created a google doc that anyone could edit.  I sent them the link and they produced:

I don’t know if it helped anyone’s grade, but I think it helped build community within each class.

Update: Embedding Scribd documents is pretty cool.  And pay no attention to errors on the summary.

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  1. i’m really impressed by the equations they got in there.

  2. Very cool! I was thinking about using google docs. It’s neat to hear that I could also create a google doc that students could edit. Wow! Tons of possibilities. Also, It’s cool that they could create equations in that format. Most math teachers I know don’t make their own tests on a computer because they can’t figure out how to use or are not will to spend the time to figure out Equation Editor on Microsoft Word.

    • I agree on the whole equation editor thing. I have yet to find one I like. The nice thing about this sort of assignment is the students get to work with the equation editor. 🙂

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