Several veteran bloggers from the math twitter-blogosphere are running a Math Blogger Initiation.  They want to help new bloggers get started by writing posts, getting to know other bloggers, etc.  I thought I would sign up to give myself some incentive to keep blogging.  Each week they send out weekly assignments.

The first assignment is due at 11:59 pm on Tuesday August 21…

Holy crap, that’s today!  I managed to procrastinate my very first assignment which is due in 3 hours and 40 minutes!

I should probably read the assignment.

[time passes]

I’m going to respond to the question:

Talk about one or two specific things you plan on doing differently this year… and how specifically you are going to implement them/get the buy-in. Why do you want to do these things?  (If you are a new teacher, what are two specific things you plan on doing this year?)


I mostly want to implement Dan Meyer’s idea of 3 Act Math.  The main idea is to present math as a story.  You ask a question based on some interesting video, image, sound, etc.  You ask students to make high and low guesses.  This is Act 1.

In Act 2 students solve the problem and answer the question.  Instead of showing how to do the problem, you let them struggle.  I try to answer questions with questions.

In Act 3, the finale, you show the results of the problem.  You can even have sequels which extend the idea to other situations.

I think the idea is brilliant.  It helps students see the connections between everyday questions and the math they can use to answer them.  Students get frustrated because most of the everyday questions they encounter don’t require math to answer.  3 Act Math helps them see that some of the questions they encounter can be answered with mathematical reasoning.  I think getting student buy in will be the easy part.  The hard part will be resisting the urge to help them solve the problem.

BTW Dan has helpfully created a list of 3 Act Math lessons which includes all relevant videos, questions, etc.


The other big thing I plan on doing is SBG or standards based grading which I am also stealing from Dan Meyer and others.  (I promise I’ll post something original, eventually.)

I think the buy-in for SBG will also be easy but the execution will be more difficult.  I have to narrow down the Algebra 2 standards and then find good problems for each standard.

I should probably start….

Yeah, but I have 2 weeks before school starts!  🙂

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